We specialize in representing clients at the appellate stage, providing them with the opportunity to have judicial decisions reviewed that could have had a negative impact on their lives or businesses.

Our team of experienced lawyers meticulously examines cases for possible procedural errors, incorrect legal interpretations, or failure to consider essential evidence that could have influenced the outcome of the initial proceeding. Every step of the appellate process is conducted with the utmost precision, starting from preparing the appellate application, raising issues with the previous proceedings, and ultimately effectively representing the client before the appellate court.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients’ rights are fully respected and that their cases are evaluated fairly and in accordance with the law.

  • Analysis and Assessment of Judgment: We conduct a thorough analysis of the court judgment, identifying potential grounds for an appeal. We assess the chances of appealing the judgment and provide our recommendations to the client.
  • Preparation of Appeal: We develop professional and comprehensive appeals that present the basis for challenging the court judgment. We ensure the proper presentation of arguments and evidence that can persuade the appellate court.
  • Client Representation in the Appellate Court: Our team of lawyers specialized in appeals represents the client in proceedings before the appellate court. We strive to effectively persuade the court with our arguments and achieve a favorable resolution for the client.
  • Preparation of Response to Appeal: If the client is the defendant in the appellate proceedings, we prepare a response to the opposing party’s appeal. We carefully analyze the presented arguments and prepare strong counterarguments to defend the client’s interests.
  • Legal Advisory on Appellate Strategy: We provide clients with legal-process advisory regarding appellate strategy. We assist in evaluating the strength of the grounds for appeal and recommend appropriate steps to maximize the client’s chances of success in the appellate proceedings.