Child support

We specialize in the field of family law, offering professional assistance in matters related to child support. We aid our clients in situations where the pursuit of child support from the other parent is necessary, as well as in cases where there is a need to defend against unjustified claims. We provide comprehensive legal advice, preparation of child support applications, negotiations, and also representation in court.

We understand that child support issues can give rise to a range of emotions and stress, which is why we strive to ensure that our assistance is as effective as possible and that the process of seeking claims proceeds smoothly and successfully. Collaborating with us guarantees professionalism and full commitment at every stage of the case.

  • Legal Advice in Child Support Matters

We provide clients with professional legal advice in family law matters related to determining and collecting child support. We discuss the rights and obligations of parties, principles of calculating child support, and options for enforcing obligations.

  • Calculation of Child Support Amount

We assist clients in determining the appropriate amount of child support, considering individual circumstances and the needs of eligible individuals. We analyze income, expenses, and other factors that influence the establishment of an adequate child support amount.

  • Representation in Child Support Cases

We represent clients in child support cases, both in court proceedings and mediations, aiming to reach agreements between parties or obtain appropriate child support orders.

  • Recovery of Back Child Support

We help clients in recovering overdue child support payments, taking legal actions to reclaim outstanding payments. This can involve filing for enforcement, court collection, or negotiations with the debtor.

  • Modification of Child Support Provisions

We offer support in the process of modifying child support arrangements when life circumstances change, such as financial changes, job loss, or the need to adjust the support amount to the evolving needs of eligible individuals.