Wills and Estate Administration

Specializing in inheritance law, our legal group offers professional support at every stage of the inheritance process. Whether it’s the creation of wills or the management of probate proceedings after the death of the testator, we are fully available to our clients.

We provide comprehensive assistance, ranging from advice on estate distribution, preparation of necessary documents, to representation in court for inheritance disputes. We understand that inheritance matters can be emotionally challenging, which is why we guarantee discretion, patience, and a full understanding of our clients’ situations.

  • Estate Planning Advisory

We provide clients with professional estate planning advisory services, including drafting wills, gift agreements, establishing testamentary provisions, and other instruments aimed at securing inheritance.

  • Drafting Wills

We assist clients in drafting wills that specify how their assets will be distributed after their passing, ensuring a coherent and intention-aligned estate disposition.

  • Probate Proceedings

We represent clients in probate proceedings, assisting in declaring inheritance, drafting inheritance documents, dividing the estate, and other matters related to estate administration.

  • Restitution of Inherited Properties

We offer legal and advisory support in the restitution of inherited properties, helping clients assert property rights, reclaim ownership, and seek compensation for lost property.

  • Resolution of Inheritance Disputes

We represent clients in inheritance disputes, including challenges to the validity of wills, division of the estate, contesting wills, and other inheritance-related issues, striving for fair resolutions.