Our legal group offers professional support in matters related to guardianship and incapacitation. We undertake the process on behalf of individuals who, for various reasons, are unable to manage their own affairs. In this context, we provide comprehensive legal assistance, from advice and application preparation, all the way to representing clients in court.

We understand the significant challenge that comes with the decision to take steps towards guardianship for a loved one. Therefore, our service is not only professional but also empathetic and caring.

Our aim is to ensure that the guardianship process is as minimally burdensome as possible for our clients, while still achieving the highest effectiveness in our actions. We guarantee full commitment, discretion, and an understanding of the unique nature of each case.

  • Legal Advisory in Incapacitation Matters

We provide clients with comprehensive legal and family law advisory services regarding the incapacitation procedure. We discuss the rights and obligations of parties involved, the process of determining incapacitation, and the consequences of such a decision.

  • Legal Representation in Incapacitation Proceedings

We represent clients in court proceedings concerning incapacitation, ensuring professional representation and defense of their interests before the court.

  • Document and Evidence Analysis

We conduct an analysis of documents and evidence that can substantiate the necessity of incapacitation, ensuring the completeness and adequacy of documentation to achieve a favorable court decision.

  • Collaboration with Experts

We collaborate with experts such as psychiatrists and psychologists to conduct appropriate assessments and evaluations that may be crucial for the incapacitation determination process.