Division of assets

We offer professional assistance in matters related to property division. Our distinguishing features include experience and an individual approach to each client, enabling us to effectively handle cases involving property division after divorce, as part of inheritance, or in other situations requiring such a procedure. We provide comprehensive client service, encompassing legal advice, preparation of necessary documents, and representation in court.

We understand that property division can be a source of conflicts and misunderstandings, which is why we strive to ensure the process proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while respecting the rights and interests of our clients.

We take care to keep our clients well-informed and confident at every stage of the case, ensuring they feel secure in entrusting us with their matters.

  • Advisory in Property Division

We provide clients with comprehensive advisory services in matters related to property division, including legal analysis, assessment of asset values, and determining appropriate division proportions.

  • Drafting Property Division Agreements

We assist clients in drafting property division agreements that outline detailed terms and conditions for the distribution of assets among co-owners or participants in the division.

  • Property Valuation

We offer property valuation services, covering real estate, movable assets, shares in companies, and other assets, to determine their value for the purpose of property division.

  • Mediation and Negotiations

We represent clients in mediation and negotiation processes concerning property division, aiming to achieve agreements between parties regarding the distribution of assets.

  • Legal Proceedings in Property Division Cases

In cases of disputes related to property division, we represent clients in legal proceedings, including applications for property division, determining the appropriate division method, and safeguarding clients’ interests.