Marriage Annulment in the Catholic Church

Our legal group offers comprehensive legal services related to the annulment of a marriage before the ecclesiastical court. We possess the experience and knowledge necessary for effectively handling this specific type of cases.

We assist clients in preparing the required documents, formulating charges, and representing them in proceedings before the ecclesiastical court. We understand that the annulment process is not only a legal matter but also a personal challenge for many individuals. Therefore, we guarantee full commitment, patience, and empathy at every stage of the process.

We strive to ensure that our assistance is not only professional but also based on deep understanding and respect for our clients’ situations.

  • Legal Advisory in Church Marriage Annulment Cases

We provide clients with comprehensive legal-canonical advisory regarding the possibility of declaring the nullity of a church marriage, analyzing the legal basis and assessing the chances of success in the case.

  • Document and Evidence Analysis

We conduct an analysis of documents and evidence that may confirm the circumstances under which the church marriage was contracted, in order to determine whether there are grounds for declaring nullity.

  • Preparation and Submission of Annulment Applications

We assist clients in preparing complete applications for the declaration of nullity of a church marriage and in submitting them to the appropriate church institution.

  • Representation in Canonical Proceedings

We represent clients in canonical proceedings concerning the declaration of nullity of a marriage, providing professional representation and defense of their interests.