Freight, Forwarding, Logistics

In the field of transportation, logistics, and freight forwarding, we offer comprehensive legal support. We provide consultation on transport agreements, legal regulations, and disputes related to logistics operations. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we ensure effective protection of our clients’ interests in the dynamic environment of the transport industry.

Our legal services for the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics sectors include:

  • Transport and forwarding contracts: We advise and prepare transport contracts, including carriage contracts, forwarding contracts, charter contracts, and logistics contracts. We provide analysis, negotiation, and adaptation of contracts to our clients’ specific needs.
  • Logistics law: We assist our clients in understanding and complying with logistics law regulations. We advise on warehousing, distribution, supply chain management, outsourcing contracts, and transport monitoring. We provide support in matters related to the liability for logistics services and risk management.
  • Customs and tax law: We offer support in terms of regulations concerning customs, taxes, customs procedures, and customs-tax regulations. We assist in registration and obtaining customs-tax permits, as well as in the area of simplified procedures and customs exemptions. Carrier liability and insurance: We advise on issues related to carrier liability, accidents, and transport insurance. We assist in preparing insurance contracts, negotiating insurance claims, and resolving disputes concerning damages and accidents.
  • Regulations and compliance: We provide support related to the regulatory rules of the transport industry, such as regulations concerning drivers’ working time and rest, transport of dangerous substances, emission standards, and environmental requirements. We assist in identifying and implementing appropriate legal compliance procedures.
  • Dispute resolution: We offer professional support in resolving disputes related to the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics industry. We assist in mediations, negotiations, and court proceedings in compensation cases, contract disputes, and disputes with carriers and insurers.

Our goal is to provide our clients in the transport, freight forwarding, and logistics sector with comprehensive and effective service that protects their interests, minimizes risk, and supports the development of their operations. Trust us to provide professional support and ensure a strong legal foundation in the transportation and logistics industry.


Related Cases

Border Force

A client approached us for assistance in recovering a vehicle detained by British customs services. In the course of performing our services, we determined that the client’s driver may have intentionally hidden contraband in the vehicle. The proceeding led to the driver being solely fined. The client was able to recover the detained vehicle without the necessity of paying the fine.

Debt recovery

The client provides transport and forwarding services. In the course of performing their services, over 150 companies cooperating with the client did not make payments on time, or did not pay at all for the service rendered. The client approached us for help in recovering the outstanding payments and obtaining compensation for payment delays. During the process, we managed to secure more than PLN 120,000, ultimately recovering a significant portion of the owed funds for the client.

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