The growth of the video game industry brings unique legal and business challenges, which is why we offer comprehensive legal advice tailored to the needs of our clients involved in game creation and publishing.

Our specialists have knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the gamedev industry, as well as being aware of the dynamic changes in the legal regulations concerning this field. Our legal services include:

  • Copyright protection: We assist our clients in protecting the copyrights to their games. We offer advice on registering games as copyrighted works, managing copyright, as well as in cases of copyright infringement.
  • Licensing agreements: We provide advice and prepare licensing agreements, allowing our clients to use content, technology, or brands of other game manufacturers. We also provide analysis and negotiation of licensing agreements to protect our clients’ interests.
  • Intellectual property protection: We assist in protecting the intellectual property of our clients in the gamedev industry. We provide advice on trademarks, patents, industrial designs, and trade secrets. We assist in the registration and protection of these rights and in cases of infringement.
  • Project financing: We support our clients in issues of financing gamedev projects. We offer advice on fundraising, venture capital management, crowdfunding financing, and other forms of financing available for the gamedev industry.
  • Compliance and regulations: We provide our clients with support in compliance with legal regulations concerning gamedev, such as consumer rights, data protection, competition law, and regulations related to game content. We assist in developing compliance policies and procedures and in managing risk associated with legal regulations.
  • Developer agreements: We advise our clients in negotiating and preparing developer agreements with subcontractors, hardware manufacturers, and other business partners in the gamedev industry. We ensure the protection of our clients’ interests and prevent potential conflicts.

Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective legal support, allowing them to focus on creating innovative and successful games. Trust us to protect your interests and provide you with a solid legal foundation in the gamedev industry.


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A client approached us wanting advice on know-how and copyright issues related to a computer game they were developing. We prepared a memorandum for the client outlining potential solutions. The client chose the most optimal solution for them, which we then helped implement.

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