Micro, small and medium enterprises

We understand that SMEs play a significant role in the economy and constitute an important business segment. Therefore, we offer comprehensive legal advice tailored to the unique needs of SMEs, providing them with robust legal support.

We can boast rich experience in serving SMEs. Our services include:

  • Setting up and registering companies: We assist in establishing and registering new businesses. We advise on the choice of the appropriate legal form, prepare registration documents, and support the process of registering the company. We also provide advice on organizational structure and legal regulations related to business operations.
  • Corporate Law: We offer comprehensive corporate legal services for SMEs. We assist in preparing corporate documents such as company agreements, statutes, regulations, and protocols. We provide support on issues related to the functioning of the company’s bodies, corporate representation, and proxies.
  • Commercial contracts: We advise and prepare various types of commercial agreements, such as sales agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, partnership agreements, and supplier agreements. We provide contract analysis and negotiation to protect our clients’ interests and prevent potential disputes.
  • Personal data protection and compliance: In ensuring compliance with personal data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR), we assist in developing and implementing privacy policies, information clauses, and procedures related to personal data processing. We provide support in compliance auditing and risk management related to personal data protection.
  • Labour Law: We offer labor law services for SMEs, including advice on employment contracts, work regulations, civil law contracts with employees, as well as issues related to wages, holidays, working time, and termination of employment.
  • Recovery and enforcement of receivables: We support our clients in recovering their receivables, including through amicable and judicial recovery. We provide legal representation in enforcement proceedings and manage debt recovery processes.

Our goal is to provide SMEs with comprehensive and tailored legal services aimed at protecting their interests and supporting their development. Trust us to provide your business with solid legal foundations and effective protection.


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The client, who runs a sole proprietorship, reached out to us seeking assistance in determining possible succession solutions. We advised the client on potential measures that could facilitate the continuation of the business in the event of the client’s death.

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